Saturday, September 20, 2008

This isn't cool :: Gospelr

This world doesn't need another Christian sandbox where Christians can play safely with other Christians! What this world needs is followers of God in the Way of Jesus being salt and light... IN it... but not OF it! That's why I struggle with Gospelr... the purpose of which is...
to provide an effective communication medium for sharing thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement, prayer requests, daily scripture readings/devotionals, and more to friends, staff, ministries, family, and others.
Last time I checked... Twitter and the numerous other micro-blogging services did this already.

The site speaks of what a "gospelr" is...
someone who loves Jesus and who also enjoys using web technology to:
  • Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Encourage others through community and communication
  • Keep friends, staff, ministries, family, and others updated through microblogging
  • Innovate and collaborate with others to discuss and brainstorm how we can best use web technology effectively for His Kingdom.
This is what I do already... using Twitter and Plurk. I don't need another niche service.

They speak of Twitter integration and I commend them for that! I'll admit Gospelr isn't the typical Christian sandbox... but it is still a sandbox.

We need to be salt and light IN this world of ours! If all we do is play with people the same as us... how can we spread this good news? If everyone knows this redemption song... how can we teach new people the words?

Think about it like this:
I want a Christian-only iPhone... let's call it a cPhone. It will help me spread the Good News of Jesus Christ... encourage others through community and communication... keep friends, staff, ministries, family, and others updated... you get the gist.

Everyone on my cPhone contact list is a Christian. Everyone I speak to on the cPhone either through talking... SMS... microblogging via my obligatory Gospelr client... is a Christian. Safari will only open up cPhone certified-as-suitable websites.

If we meet in the flesh then we'll know each other by our cPhone FISH cases, WWJD headphones and worship song ringtones.

Only downside is that you need a cPhone to speak to other folk with a cPhone. Its a self-contained network... you know... a "safe place" for Christians to be.
Am I being ridiculous? Yeah... I am. Am I being extreme? Yeah... I am.

But I bet there are people out there who would love a cPhone... just as there will be people who will love Gospelr. Its just that... I am not one of them.

I am soooo sorry to human3rror but I just don't get it.


Jonathan Blundell said...

And Jesus moved INTO the neighborhood - not out of the neighborhood!

Mike Blyth said...

Why the rant? If the service doesn't fill a need, it surely won't last long or at least won't expand. And why does the introduction of another special-interest site imply that even the very people who use the site aren't engaged with the wider world?

weareallghosts said...

Thanks for the comment Mike

I didn't want it to become a rant... but I guess it did. That wasn't really my intention. I'm not hating those involved... honest! If it seems that way then I am sorry.

Its just that I don't get the idea.

A whole industry has grown up about servicing the Christian sub-culture. Plenty of people subscribe to this idea... so the industry doesn't need to expand... but then the saving of souls provides more folk to target. Consider CCM as a prime example of this.

As for the implication... yeah, fair point... but then if I am active tweeple then why should I become a Gospelr too? Except maybe to connect with fellow Gospelrs... so then... this becomes an exclusive club.


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