Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The emergent church - just another subculture?

Found a great post over at the Thinspaces blog which asks a important question... is the emergent church just another subculture?
...we in the emerging church seem to be creating our own sub-subculture within the larger sphere of Christianity... When viewed from the outside, are we really that different than those we have left behind? Let's look at a pattern that exemplifies what i'm on about.

1. We see the need for a new way of being church.
2. We talk about it
3. We start new "emergent" churches and organizations.
4. We begin to get others of like mind involved.
5. We hold conferences to teach on the subject.
6. We blog about it
7. We write books about it.
8. We market our "alternative" products to promote it.
9. We gain legitimacy as the societal "Buzz" develops.
10. We talk some more...
Interesting viewpoint which I can agree with. Its natural to become a subculture. I see the emergingchurch as travellers on a journey... we will identify ourselves as being travellers... we need, however, to set ourselves apart - we need to view the journey as being of importance, not the destination... Subcultures are only problematic when they become stagnant... when they become exclusive... when we feel we have reach our destination and no more effort is required. Where the emerging church needs to set itself apart is by remaining emerging - by continually renewing itself... creating new expressions of faith and belief... and accepting new ideas (as long as they are sound)... by keep on walking towards the light and keeping close to God.

Anyway, check out the Thinspaces blog - its a good read.

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