Friday, January 06, 2006

I've left my K750i at home (D'oh!!!)

I've left my K750i at home... under my pillow. Slept in and forgot it. Oops! I have a extremely foxy receptionist who will take my calls (Olly) - maybe I should leave it more often :-)

Anyway, I missed it because I was listening to Scott Mills and was intrigued by the "Random Act of Kindness" segment of the show. A lass broke up with her boyfriend on Christmas Eve... She went to the pub on Christmas Day and was befriended by strangers who took her in and treated her like family for Christmas Lunch. Sweet story... but I missed the ending. What did Scott give the couple? I wanted to listen to it on my K750i but couldn't find it...

I also saw a nice view and wanted to snap it... then realised I didn't have my phone.

Strange how I miss the radio and the camera of my phone!

I am using my work phone (I had a sim-free P800 thanks to Pauly and use that with my work sim) for incoming calls. Saw the above pic (the P800 is the one in blue) and it reminded me of an old payg T300 that I had (still have) which was nice but suffered from not having bluetooth.

What happens to all the old phones? Hopefully they get recycled... but for some lucky ones, they end up at They have a fantastic range of old, working mobiles that are sim-free. They even have the (pre-SE hook-up) Sony Z5 and Z7. The Z5 is the moby my cousin Stuart had that I so lusted after. Check them out if you are looking for something different.

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