Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The light of a new Year

The light of a new Year
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Happy New Year to all my blood family, social family, and community family! Its going to be a great year filled with opportunity and surprise.

I am back online after spending a couple of days at my folks. My dad is getting broadband soon so I will be able to get online there too soon.

I was important to spend some time with Olly. She considers Blogger and Flickr to be my two mistresses and every-so-often wants to spend quality time with me on my own.

Anyway, I sent everyone texts at the bells but Vodafone was pretty bogged down. Hope you got it???

We love you and look forward to growing with you in 2006. We are all on a journey and wish you all blessing for your journey - hopefully, our paths will cross more often.

Now... let's look forward to the Mac Expo.

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