Friday, January 06, 2006

My 300th post...

The big three - oh - oh! Over the last 299 posts I have tried to express my love and talk about all my passions... for my Lord... for my honey and my we'ans... for my family and friends and friends who should be family... for music and art and trainers and design... In essence, my love of new ideas!

Thank you for sharing in this... I know you read the blog - you know who you are.! Hopefully, my nanolog has brought something fresh and inspiring to you... and maybe, just maybe, you know a wee bit more about me... the whole me, and nothing but me, so help me God!

Let me know what you think... give me feedback.


Thomas... the Headphonaught
(pictured on Tinto, Lanark; with his greatest obsession)

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