Saturday, October 25, 2008

2 x CD + DVD combos...

I love music... but don't always love the high prices. I am not a fan of the industry that values the beautiful over the talented... and will happily screw over the fans.

That said... I picked up 2 CDs this week that have impressed me with their content.

First off... I picked up the CD / DVD of Coldplay's 2003 concert in Australia. My family are big fans of Coldplay. I am a big fan of Coldplay. For £8, I thought this was a great deal. I enjoy concert footage... always have since the days I watched Queen "live in Rio" all those years ago... and I enjoy Coldplay's live set... albeit Chris Martin does dance like the dad he now is - His bairns must be embarrassed.

I then picked up Cornelius' reissued album 2006 "Sensuous" with the accompaning DVD "Sensurama" which is a visual interpretation of the album... for £14 (I couldn't wait for Fopp to order it in). I am blown away by this DVD. Every song represented beautifully with some of the best video imagery I have seen in a long time... in perfect sync with Cornelius' unique soundscapes.

Why am I impressed? Content... and lots of it. When I am a fan... I am prepared to pay for content and these DVDs provide that extra level of quality content. So instead of ripping off the fan... maybe the Music Industry should provide more content... quality content... and rebuild their relationship with the people who matter... the fans! Afterall, I now have TWO copies of Sensuous!

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