Saturday, October 25, 2008

I like... but I probably shouldn't

Let me explain before someone pulls the "hypocrite" card on me... I like the concept of Red Bull Cola. I like their approach to making a "natural" cola... and give them kudos for being brave enough to go against the flow. Consider for a minute or two the ingredients in a 355ml can:
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Caramel sugar syrup
  • Natural flavors from plant extracts:
  1. galangal,
  2. vanilla,
  3. mustard seed,
  4. lime,
  5. kola nut,
  6. cacao,
  7. licorice,
  8. cinnamon,
  9. lemon,
  10. ginger,
  11. coca leaf,
  12. orange,
  13. corn mint,
  14. pine,
  15. cardamom,
  16. mace,
  17. clove
  • Caffeine from coffee beans and natural lemon juice concentrate.
What it lacks is, according to the manufacturer, is ::
...phosphoric acid, preservatives, artificial colorings, and artificial flavors which many similar drinks contain.
It is pretty high in calories... 38kcal per 100ml (each can is 355ml)... and not something I will be drinking regularly (hence the "I probably shouldn't" in the subject line)... but with 17 natural flavours, its pretty awesome.

I like the fact that the Cola's USP is that it is "strong & natural" - strong from the caffeine and natural from the other ingredients. I like the fact that these factors - which are important to me - are now important to a soft drink manufacturer too.

Its almost like someone has been listening and taking consumer concerns over health seriously... albeit not that seriously considering the sugar but then some folk can need the calories (fat blokes like me don't).

Hopefully this is a pointer to the future.

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