Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is cool :: Muji AM-PM notebook

I am loving the Muji AM-PM notebook that pushes the envelope through the visualisation of blocks of time and the activities that fill these blocks of time.

Think about getting one. My iPhone is slowly replacing my Moleskine diary (in conjunction with iCal and a RSS feed to my GCal) and I think this book could be a fantastic addition to my "doing stuff" arsenal.

Read this post from Jack Cheng for a write up from someone who uses one...
...Because of the numerous hours in a day (and various other constraints), the lines in a diary are typically very narrow. They are also usually equally distributed (somewhat). But our information is a hierarchy. Some are more important to us. Some we feel happier about. We want to highlight stuff that’s important to us. We want to write things that are more important in BIGGER sizes. Our lives cannot be so easily and clearly divided into equal parcels."
Makes sense to me... Check it out. Thanks to psfk for the heads-up.

btw :: I would love to walk into a Muji and pick one up... but they abandoned Scotland when they pulled out of Glasgow a good few years ago. I wept that day... bawled like a banshee... it was then that I finally broke down and sought help for my stationery addiction.

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