Sunday, October 19, 2008


Reusing 1

I am glad that our local council have started to collect a bin for recycling. Olly and I have embraced the bin with gusto... but the one thing that annoys me [slightly] is that the bin doesn't take glass... we still need to take a trip to the glass recycling site.

Why does it annoy me? Well... apart from being lazy... I don't like to take a trip specifically to dump the glass... doesn't make sense to me... so I need to tie it into other trips. That isn't always convenient... I tend to be a bit "just in time" when it comes to my trips... so the glass gets left.

Now... we've started to eat more food we've made ourselves... what with the low fat diet et al... and there are more pulses, nuts and things in the house. I hate it when they all fall out and scatter when their packets are open.

What's more... being a geek... I appreciate design and can see beauty in things like glass bottles.

So, with Olly's blessing, I sought to solve a couple of problems and geek out at the same time.

In the picture above... I have reused orange juice bottles (from Aldi) to house brown rice and yellow split peas.

Reusing 2

Here I have reused Snapple bottles to house red lentils... with the empty bottle now filled with brown demarra sugar.

Reusing 3

Lastly, I have reused honey jars to house wine gums, peanuts and walnuts.

Problems solved - no scattering of contents... glass reused without a trip to the recycling point (packets can go in our recycling bin)... and some nice designs for a geek to appreciate.

One thing I would recommend... a funnel:

Home-made Funnel

Cut the top off a juice bottle and use it as a d.i.y funnel.

Good fun... try it out sometime.

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Jonathan Blundell said...

our city actually does curb side recycling pickup of glass, cans, plastics and such. we've been keeping paper and aluminum separate so we can take it where we want (and hopefully get a little cash for the cans).

but from what i understand, glass recycling just doesn't make the money the other recycling does. it costs too much money to recycle the glass that most people don't want to mess with it.


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