Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wish you were there...

Olly and I led the meeting at Glasgow City Centre Corps this morning.

We love to lead meetings... and I personally was delighted to give something back to the Corps in return for them giving us access to their space for ((deep)).

A small but faithful group of Jesus-followers gathered for prayer then the morning worship service. It was awesome to share with them... during the gathering and then for food afterwards.

What got me was that there was only 12 of them... they lacked the things we take for granted in a big Corps like Bellshill [ officers, a senior band, songsters, junior sections... you know... music! ] but more than made up for it with prayer, community involvement, openness and sharing together as a big family with food.

Good times!

My thought can be downloaded here if its of interest to you.

Picture posted with LifeCast... thoughts updated later.

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