Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coming Soon... My netlabel electronica mix for Something Beautiful


My mix is live... download it here.

This is what I said
I am not a DJ. I can't beat mix. I haven't played "live" in a long, long time. I don't do weddings, bar mitzvahs or clubs.

I am more of a curator. For me, a curator is someone passionate about his/her chosen medium... and this passion is expressed through some form of exhibition to the world. This is my exhibition... just for you.

I am passionate about Net Labels. I consider the works available for free on labels like Earth Monkey, Aerotone, Sutemos and Serein to be some of the best music I have ever heard. Bleeding edge electronica and delicate nu folk. Dark ambient soundscapes and glitchy IDM. All there for me to consume... to enjoy... to rave about... as I often do on my blog.

It amazes me that the music available on these Net Label is available there for free. It isn't free to produce. Quality costs. That's what amazes me... the graciousness of the producers... that sees their music... their art... available to me to consume... for no cost to me.

This mix, if you can call it a mix (see first line), is my way of giving back. I have received the wonderful gift of music and I wish to give it away... both in the form of the mix but also in the form of links so you too can taste and see that this music is good. In doing so... I keep their gift of music moving. I keep their generosity circulating... I don't wish to jealously keep their music to myself... its not mine to keep in that sense... instead I enthusiastically give it away.

Hopefully you will enjoy this mix and it will encourage you to check out the musicians and producers behind the individual tracks... and dig deeper into their music.

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