Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some cool sites...

Some sites that have my attention and a worthy of are wee look-see:

* Brodie's view from the basement - Brodie made contact through the comments section of one of my earlier posts... Normally when someone does this its for traffic and not to make genuine contact. Brodie's view from the basement is the first blog that has actually kept my interest...and is a worthwhile read.

* mathaionios - Although I can't pronounce Stevie secret super-hero identity, I can assure you that his blog is worthy of a graze. Stevie is a pal I met when Olly was out singing in Whitburn and someone I kind of passed the blogging bug to. He loves his films and makes thoughtful references to films like Spiderman2 & Fellowship of the Ring.

* Chris' council of war - Last in this line up is a friend of a friend - Chris Hinton, who is the officer (minister) over at Glenrothes. If only more Salvation Army ministers were like this guy. I am hoping to meet up with him soon at the new Nando's at the Fort with Jon G. His blog is fab and gives you a great insight into the life of an Army officer.

As usual, check them out... Spread your nets... Do it yourself...

If you have any sites you want mentioned or you feel they should be on my need to know list, please leave a comment.

1 comment:

Chris H said...

You're too kind - thanks for the link, and for the compliment!

Looking forward to meeting up with you soon.


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