Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the fat man walking

Found out about Steve Vaught's quest to walk the breadth of America as a means to change his life and size via the BBC webspace (link) - His website :: thefatmanwalking :: is truly inspirational...and provides an effective critique by one of America's own.
Iwas walking with a reporter the other day and she pointed out a puddle of oddly green water and it occurred to me that there are chips that color that I love. I wouldn’t drink green water but I would happily devour green potato chips.

I am not sure when it happens but somewhere along the way we decided to stop eating food as it occurs naturally and opted for enhanced, modified food that is colored and flavored to taste better. After a while it all starts to taste the same but now we don’t notice. In fact apples with little brown spots somehow became bad and shiny ones covered in waxy, pesticide residue is good. My point here is that we all do this willingly and it seems with zealous conviction. We value ease and convenience over wholesomeness and patience, value over substance and we are doing it to ourselves.
This makes so much sense...

Personally, I need to get motivated... I am on a downward spiral, healthwise, and I can't put my finger on the reason. I am genetically wee and chubby... but I am not helping things with my behaviour - lack of exercise/ laziness/ overeating...

Vaught has challenged me to think about the unhappiness that is keeping me down...

Anyway, check it out - Vaught is an inspiration.

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1 comment:

Brodie said...

I saw this too onthe BBC site, what I great story.
I guess however it won't take long for Holywood to make a film of this guys walk.


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