Monday, March 20, 2006

coolhunting x

Cool Hunting have a fab option where you can submit things via for them to have a look at... If they like it, they'll add it to their reader contributions section.

I added the time promises power download album that I got the heads-up from the Soos about and promptly posted... and lo and behold... its there!!!

This is such a fab feature and allows for greater interaction.

If you don't know what is all about...then, no worries... Its another of these "web 2.0" apps where you can bookmark a site/ blog/ article centrally for future reference... and share these bookmarks with family/ friends/ people you don't know yet. Check my page out to see what I mean :: Headphonaught's

Added a link roll within "my world" - it will list the 10 most recent links I have added... Please check them out.

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Jonathan Blundell said...

Hey, it's not really related, but what do you think about this:


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