Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cinnamon is dead...

The budgie that Olly and I got nearly nine years ago has died. He was my wee sweetheart - he used to be so friendly... He would sit on your head... or let you hold him on your finger... or have a go at your jeans or Stussy Tee (he had a taste for Stussy!)

He was named Cinnamon because he was a cinnamon pied colouring... He was noisy and riotous... and so sweet.

Bye Cinnamon... we miss you


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Thomas.

Anonymous said...

poor wee cinnamon....sorry about that, fom our cousin emma x

Anonymous said...

sorry my typing skills are poor this morning......from your cousin emma x

Studgie said...

sorry as well thomas

Catherine said...

I just lost my cat Cinnamon in January, I know how terrible it feels. Sorry.


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