Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Qumana Blog Editor :: Beta includes Macs

Been playing about with Ecto and it isn't floating my boat - a few quirks that I don't get.

Saw an add from Qumana and it looks interesting... Going to check it out to compare it to Ecto. One thing it has over Ecto is its FREE and Olly and I are pretty strapped - well actually, Olly is pretty and strapped for cash... I'm just broke ^___^

I'll check it out and let you know...

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Studgie said...

meant to ask thomski, where abouts could i get one of those bigger note pads you have. im looking for something like that for uni work i have to hand in


Anonymous said...

I use Qumana on and off (can never quite settle on one desktop client) and find it to be pretty decent.

Studgie said...

i meant, thomas, where can you get these Rhodia Classic Note Pads


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