Friday, March 17, 2006


Thanks to iLounge for the heads-up on these super-sweet iPod tins... Come in three limited edition designs and will protect your full-fat iPod from scratches and bumps and general life ::
When we designed the TINPOD, we wanted to add something special. Sure, there are lots of nice cases out there, but we didn't find any that really inspired us or that featured the work of artists. So we asked renowned illustrator Kurt Ketchum to help out. The three designs called Die Blechdose, L’Orange Lune and Change Attitude draw on the realms of music and travel. The TINPODs are limited editions with only 5,000 cases in each series. We figure, with millions of iPods out there, you'll be one of the lucky few with a TINPOD.
Will need to stick with a DIY altoids tin for your shuffle or nano...

Check them out: Tinpod

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