Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Tech :: Numark iDJ2

Picked this up on iLounge :: the next generation Numark iDJ. Love the idea of being able to "DJ" using the iPod or, at least, incorporate the iPod into a set. Numark have taken all the criticism that they received with the iDJ (no pitch control etc) and built what looks on paper to be a strong product. Here's what iLounge are saying on it ::
Numark this week will introduce the iDJ2, a new version of the company’s professional iPod mixing console. Unlike the original iDJ, the new iDJ2 features only one iPod dock, but can play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod. The mixer provides real-time scratch, pitch control, looping, and full cueing of music from the docked iPod.

Numark said iDJ2 owners can also use USB devices such as hard drives for music playback via rear panel USB ports. Other features include an LCD screen that offers waveform display and visual track-profiling, line inputs for any audio source, and the ability to record musical performances to a docked iPod or any connected USB drive.
No pricing yet but its on my wish list. I really want to improve my multimedia offering, individually and for BLOC - I see the iDJ2 as being one element to this. Just need an secret benefactor to buy one for me ^______^

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Anonymous said...

How's about you buy me one and i will buy you one? Will that work? HeeeHeee!

weareallghosts said...

Yeah... Wish I could put it on expenses along with Arkaos Midi ^_____^


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