Monday, March 13, 2006

Triptych 06 & Roots 06

This year's Triptych looks pretty good with appearances from Aphex Twin, Coldcut, Kieren Hebden, Gilles Peterson with a session from Soil & Pimp, and Adem; all catching my eye... It runs from Wed 26th to Sun 30th April.

Unfortunately, I will be in Southport for the Salvation Army's Roots festival that weekend. Have to say I can't wait. Going with a crowd from Bellshill.

One event that has caught my attention so far is PARKLIFE :
Park Life is a place where you swap life stories, you encounter and experience the life, death and resurrection of Christ and we create new sounds, sights, and rhythms as we worship God. You know that something is living because it takes from the world around it, and it is constantly developing and changing shape. Ultimately that’s what we want Parklife to be.
Can't wait!

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