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3 books on "old" spirituality

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Bought these books in Borders on Saturday for £1 each... Read the forewords of the edge of glory and praying with the Orthodox tradition - I am enjoying their forms of prayer.

It forms part of my exploration into the "ancient" to help me understand/ prepare for the "future".

Two of the books are by David Adam is/ was the Vicar of the Holy Isle (Lindisfarne)...

The book on the life of St Aidan - Flame in my heart - explores how Aidan interacted with the people around him. His was an appreciation of the Incarnational Christ - the fact that Jesus was human and lived/ breathed/ laughed/ cried on Earth. Aidan demonstrated the good news of his message as he lived with the people, walked with the people, and as he began to teach others to do the same.

David Adam's other book - Edge of glory - is an exploration of prayer that encaptures the Celtic a modern way.

Lastly, Praying with the Orthodox Tradition is as much an introduction to the Orthodox Tradition for me as it is an introduction to their disciplined prayer life.
A collection of prayers for different hours of the day, making accessible some of the riches of Orthodox spirituality and resounding with thanksgiving for the greatness of God.
Truly fascinating...


My mate Jake Bouma left a comment on the above pic in Flickr :
Have you heard of the book The Sacred Way by Tony Jones? It asks the question 'How can ancient approaches to faith help my relationship with God today?' You might like it!
Found it: Amazon - looks really good and where I am at today.

Here's the blurb :
Broaden your spiritual horizons. How has spirituality changed in the last 500, 1,000, or even 2,000 years? How can ancient approaches to faith help my relationship with God today? In The Sacred Way, popular author and speaker Tony Jones mines the rich history of 16 spiritual disciplines that have flourished throughout the ages and offers practical tips for implementing them in your daily life. Find encouragement and challenge through time-tested disciplines such as:

*Silence and solitude
*The Jesus prayer

Explore these proven approaches to deepening your faith. As you do, your way of living your spiritual life will never be the same.
Thanks Jake... Its on the wish/ hit list.

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