Friday, March 31, 2006

Wow :: Sanderson Hotel, London

Had a lovely conversation with the Soos this evening (actually it was yesterday...) We talked about many things... faith... Mac Minis and Front Row... His trip to London...

One of the places that caught his attention on his trip to the big smoke was the Long Bar of the Sanderson Hotel. I checked it out and WOW! what a place... All done up in Philip Starck finery... A real sweet boutique hotel that I could only dream of staying in.

Anyway, one of this things that really caught my attention was the "soundtrack" section ::

Whoever picks/ mixes their tunage is one clued up person... Tunes are super sweet and chilled to perfection. Especially the Rockers Hi-Fi track which was a fav of mine when I did my (very short) stint as a DJ.

Here's their track list ::
* I Know a Bloke (Interlude) | Herbaliser
* En Focus | Quantic & Trinidad
* Sunshine of Your Love | Rockers Hi-Fi Meet Ella Fitzgerald
* Goin' Back to Smashed Potatoes | Tal M. Klein
* This Is Not a Love Song | Nouvelle Vague
* Soul Ecstasy (Instrumental Version) | Soul Ecstasy
* Keep It Real | Queen Aaminah
* Tic Tac | The Maxwell Implosion
* Stinger Stingray | Yoshinori Sunahara
* In the Black of Night (Jason Bentley Remix) | Slow Train Soul
* Danse Macabre | Kraak & Smaak
* L'Anamour | Ivy
* Don't You | Compendium
* Tie Me Down | Physics
* Hooded Hordes | Up Bustle & Out

A ton of top tunage... feelin' Nouvelle Vague & Yoshinori Sunahara!

Nice :: Link

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