Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For the Soos :: for London...

London map from superfuture

My best bud and fellow thought leader, the Soos, is taking some time off...for some peace and quiet in LONDON!!!

To help him in his travels, I have compiled a list - nothing exhaustive or definitive - of tools to help him/ places & spaces to go etc...

* superfuture - the best online guide for the freshest stuff
* mycitymate - a great online city guide and community... Offers downloads for your iPod.
* wcities - another online city guide that offers downloadable content for your iPod and P900i
* Metro - blog this before - its a great wee freebie for your pda/ smartphone that details the public transport system. Put it on your P900i, dude...
* iPod Subway Maps - put the tube map on your iPod (4gen and above...)
* yellmobile - Its "yell.com" for your P900i - for locating places/ spaces - maps are 25p each straight to your phone!

Places & Spaces...
* stussy - always fresh :: 19, Earlham St, London, WC2H 9LL
* busy workshop - Be like Pharrell - 4 upper james street - london W1F 9DG (further links: 1 & 2)
* Dan Flavin at the Hayward - Amazing neon light art @ the South Bank Centre, SE1 8XZ
* big chill bar - the food and tunes are always fresh - Dray Walk off Brick Lane, E1 6QL
* Molton Brown in London - there are ELEVEN Molton Brown emporiums in London to cater for your boutique penthouse needs ^___^

These are my initial ideas... Probably a mad trek to get to all of them... More a wee reminder to check them out if you are in the area. Hope they help you, Soos?

Anybody got any suggestions for things to do in London for the Soos??? Leave a comment, please...

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Anonymous said...


thanks for mentioning mycitymate. in the recent weeks we completely redesigned our website (and service). it offers way more possibilities to personalize your own city guide. if you are interested just send a brief e-mail to admin@mycitymate.net. we will send you the details then!



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