Sunday, March 26, 2006

elph :: The forest you live in need not become a jungle"

elph/dist flyer
Originally uploaded by analoguebooks.
Got the heads-up to ELPH's art from my man, Paul T aka DJ Haggis aka weebeautifulpict... They have worked together in the past.

Loving the artwork - its fresh and extra juicy due to its home grown (Ediburgh) quality.

Check out Analogue book's FLICKR page for some more imagery... and check out ELPH's stuff too (FLICKR + The kind chap is even giving away a nice font on akaelph and will, hopefully soon, have some wallpaper for the ol' iBook.


1 comment:

Elph said...

Hoping to add some new fonts in a wee bit, cheers for the post!


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