Sunday, March 12, 2006

What a weekend!

Finished my job on Friday... Irony is I will need to squat in my old office until a seat is found for me... Took my colleague, Lorna, out to Costa (I had a tea) to say thanks for her support and teamwork. She is such a vibrant spirit and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Later, my pal PaulyC took me out to wagamama for noodles. It was lovely... I had Yaki Soba and prawn Gyosa... followed by the most amazing coconut reika ice cream. Fab! PaulyC is such a great friend and I am determined to keep in touch.

I slipped away from work without any fuss and the trains were all messed up... got a wee bit crazy at times.

I got home for about 30mins and then headed back out to see my friend Stevie aka Mathaionios - We had booked some time to discuss this whole blogging malarky together. We talked technorati and googlemail and purpose and target audience... fab! His wife Mary is another vibrant spirit and I am looking forward to spending time with both of them to talk church and the future.

While I was over in Fauldhouse, Olly was practicing with Bobby for the Alpha day in Glasgow. Their band is sounding so good.

On Saturday, we got up at 0800hrs... It was strange not to be woken by the we'ans (who were with my folks) Olly kept me organised and we eventually got out...

The day was fantastic... Location really worked and the group really opened up. The band announced their name: BLOC which stands for Building Lives on Christ or Bobby Laura Olly & Colin... Sweet.

Afterwards, we hooked up with my folks and headed into Borders at the Fort for a coffee/ tea in Starbucks. I had one of their Chai Lattes because I'm not doing coffee... and it was boggin'... Studgie and Emma met up with us there and we had a great blether. Bought 3 books which I'll post on later.

Both Olly and I were knackered by this point... Been a hectic time...

Our prayers were answered when at 0200hrs on Sunday morning our numpty neighbours decided to have a snowball fight - when we went to bed it was bitterly cold but clear... In 3 hours it was white.

By 0800hrs it was obvious we weren't going anywhere other than for a walk. I wasn't taking the car out. So we have chilled... as best we can with our we'ans... and its been sweet.

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