Saturday, March 18, 2006


There is only one thing about Blogger as a tool that really annoys me - it lacks the ability to categorise posts. Unlike my friends who have Typepad accounts, Blogger doesn't have a native way to add categories...

However, thanks to Amit and his superfab tool Labelr... I can now add categories such as "Faith/ Love/ Culture" for all things relating to my faith and culture, and "places and spaces" for cool clubs or shops or open spaces...

I have only categorised entries from the last week or so... but will use the facility moving forward.

So if you have a Blogger account, please drop Amit a note and see if he'll set you up. Its worth a donation... and a wee bit of set up time.

Thanks Amit! and thanks to Lifehacker

Now GOOGLE, if you are listening... pay Amit a tonne of money for his imagination, buy his idea and make this native!

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