Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm a fan of Moby :: love play and hotel :: One thing I dig about him is his lifestyle... He has faith but doesn't ram it down your throat... He has food-beliefs that, again, he isn't too militant about... I like the fact that he set up teany as a cool place to hang vegan food...and drink tea. I love how he made a shared dream happen:
One morning in December of 2001 Kelly and I were having breakfast, and somehow we ended up talking about how we both had always wanted to own a restaurant or a cafe. This was one of those ideas that we had both harbored in private, but talking about it and realizing that we shared each other's enthusiasm made us actually think seriously about finding a space and opening a little restaurant/cafe.
Next friend who is in NY... PLEASE bring me back a teany teapot!!!

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Anonymous said...

green tea... I love that stuff! I don't like cofee, I prefer tea.

weareallghosts said...

Yeah... I only drink breakfast and earl grey tea at home. Drink coffee when I socialise (expect at moment due to giving it up for Lent)


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