Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Star Wars Holiday Special on You Tube

Check this out... A kind chap called "merlinhoot" has uploaded the STAR WARS Holiday Special onto You Tube (Link)

I don't know that much about it other than it was released around about Christmas 1978... and features new characters, old favourites and special guests...
Plot Outline: Chewie and Han Solo are trying to get home to Chewie's family, so they can celebrate Lifeday, a holiday that is celebrated on Chewbacca's home planet Kashyyyk. Chewie and Han Solo are trying to get to the planet where Chewie's family is waiting for him, but the empire is out searching for the rebels, giving everyone a hard time. While we are waiting we get a look at the everyday life of a wookie family. We meet all the familiar characters from Star Wars and we are introduced to Bobba Fett during a small cartoon. We also pay a visit to the Cantina and meet all the monsters again.
Its worth the watch although its a wee bit blurred and pixelly on You Tube...

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