Sunday, March 26, 2006

Alpha :: Week 10

Last Alpha tomorrow night - Will leave it Bobby to explain why it has been a great event ::
I look forward to tomorrow night, but it also with sadness as it will be the last night of Alpha. I always said I was desperate to do Alpha , well it has certainly lived up to my expectations - in fact it has surpassed everything I had hoped for. Although we never attracted a great number of non-churched people I feel we attracted the right kind of people, people who have opened up during our fellowship and shared very intimate feelings within the group. I think you have sparked a light in many people in the group and you should be greatly encouraged by this.
Tomorrow night :: 1900hrs :: Gladstone St, Bellshill.

One thing I will miss from Alpha is the meal - I am a member of the Salvation Army and only have one hang up with the church :: we don't break bread. We do, however, socialise a lot - we are a ceilidh church!

Anyway, my pal Brodie makes a good case for sharing regular meals together :: Link :: Some well constructed thoughts with a quote from Andrew Jones aka tallskinnykiwi ::
The church began with a meal. The Church needs to come back to the kitchen and get itself sorted again.
I will miss Alpha because the kitchen was such a big part of the event.

Can't wait until October!!!

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