Sunday, March 12, 2006

Overdosin' on Iona...

Been overdosin' on Iona... I love their unique Celtic fusion sound and really enjoy their expression of faith and worship... Big fan of their 1995 album Journey into the morn and was grateful to pick up some of their other work...

Book of the Kells from 1992 explores this illuminated manuscript of the Gospel in sound instead of vision and yet paints an equally vivid picture. Truly stunning.

Beyond these shores follows in a similary beautiful vein... I love the lyrics to Treasure
Consider the flowers of the field
In their beauty
More lovely than even the clothes of a king
Consider the birds of the air
Flying high, flying free
You are precious to me

Where your treasure is
There is your heart

If a son asks his father on earth
For fish or for bread
Who among you would give him
A snake or a stone
How much more does the Father above
Have a heart full of love
For the children that He calls His own
Wonderful and meaningful.

Woven Chord is an amazing live album with the All Saints Orchestra that covers some of my favourite tracks. It was recorded at the Royal Festival Hall, London in May 1999 and has some new arrangements of pieces from previous albums such as Lindisfarne and revelation. Tremendous.

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