Sunday, March 26, 2006

Greenock 260306

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Boy am I glad that's over?!?

Olly is fast asleep and I will be joining her very soon.

The meetings at Greenock Salvation Army went down a treat! Olly spoke to the Young People in the morning about heroes - talking about superheroes, our mothers, real life heroes like Rev Dr Martin Luther King jr and Mother Theresa; and Jesus as the ultimate hero :: Link to her thoughts on Box(dot)net

I spoke at night on some pointers to help live faith 24-7. :: Link to my thoughts on Box(dot)net

Check it out - Its worth it to see how I managed to use Guy Kawasaki's famous quote :: "Eat like a bird and poop like an elephant!".

It was great to spend time with Janey and meet up with some good pals like Alistair, who drummed for BLOC due to Colin being unable to attend; and the Logan family. Al's sis - Lauren - and Mum - Lesley - were both unwell :: get well soon.

It was also a pleasure to hear BLOC and to spend time with Bobby and to see Laura. BLOC is really gelling and hopefully, Barry (Bobby's son) will help out for a wee while on drums until we sort out the drummer situation :: Cheers, Barry! It was also great to see Bobby's wife, Diane, but... it is always a pleasure to see Diane!

All in... it went well and hopefully challenged and inspired the folk there.

Lastly, the graphic above is from Jonny Baker and was the main slide I used in my thought - cheers again JB! Check out his slide set for some cool visuals :: Link


Anonymous said...

Cool sermon, ... well done.
ps.. did you pod cast it?

weareallghosts said...

Thanks Robert.

I didn't but wanted to... Any tips? I have Garageband - need a mic etc.


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