Friday, March 03, 2006


I really like this... Box(dot)net provide 1gb of online storage space for free - this means that you can place your essential stuff online and can access it anywhere... Your files are securely store and can be easily shared with friends/ colleagues. It will prove itself invaluable when you are looking to collaborate on something and need to provide friends/ colleagues with a file or files... saves you messing around with thumbdrives or having to be in the same location.

I've been playing about with it for a week or so and think its pretty sweet. I like this kind of "web 2.0" solution because it thinks about sharing and community in really positive ways.

I am able to link to files from the nanolog which will allow me to link to box(dot)net and provide further content...

Anyway, as I signed up early, if 5 of my pals follow this link then I'll get upgraded... this will benefit the team as you'll all be able to access the files on there and hopefully benefit from any content links to the nanolog... Check it out:

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