Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For Bobby...

For Bobby
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While your iPod is in my charge I will treat it with love and respect... I will clothe it with the very best... I will fill it with quality tunage (U2/ Coldplay/ Van Morrison/ DJ Haggis/ Afro Celt etc)... I will show it the world!

Been down in Leeds today... hence the reason for the relative silence.

Why is it that you are not allowed to listen to an iPod on take off and landing..? Its not like a phone or blackberry (which, btw, are allowed to be on flight mode at take-off!!!) which may fowter with controls. Why..? tell me why?

Anyway, Leeds was Leeds... Nothing caught my eye in Muji which was a shame but I picked up a Lake Trout CD cheap in JUMBO Records (which is a FAB old-school record shop like the one in "High Fidelity")

Best bit of my day? Seeing Olly and the girls at the entrance to the airport. Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Remember where the Nano came from originally, she started life as a well travelled nano. I dont want you filling her head with all that music nonsence.Long live the WORD (and the word is Microsoft WORD 2003)

weareallghosts said...

ha ha... lol...

I have shown her a new way... a better way... one with rhythm and harmony and the boy from Coldplay's curly hair. How can she go back to her previous existance?

Its like having a Ferarri and only using it for the weekly trip to ASDA.


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