Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How to dismantle an atomic blog...

My joint fav cousin-in-law Studgie aka Stuart McGeown has joined the blogosphere with his blog: How to dismantle an atomic blog. Now Studgie knows HTML - well he should considering he is studying it at Uni - and his blog is looking mighty sweet... I'll need to get a lesson from him.

Anyway, welcome, bro!!!

PS: He's my joint favourite cousin-in-law because if the Boydster's wife, Lorraine, thought I was partial to Studgie over her - she'd skin me alive and make a handbag with my skin while I watched... Well, considering my tummy, maybe more of a holdall... so J O I N T F A V O U R I T E it is...

1 comment:

Studgie said...

yo nanolog,

cheers for the coverage and support in the beginings of a new era of bloggers. i am just started but enjoying the 'programming' so far. we will need to catch up for a wee starbucks soon.




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