Friday, March 03, 2006


Check this out... post-charismatic is a really useful site that adds to the discussion on emerging church and the rise of a post-charismatic experience of a number of Christians.

Personally I relate to the definition of emerging church:
This phrase does not refer to specific groups associated with the "emerging movement", or conversation, such as EmergentVillage. The words "emerging church", as I will use them here, are merely a form of shorthand to refer to the wide diversity of people who, through their reading, Internet surfing/blogging, and discovering of others with like heart and mind, are expressing a significant amount of disillusionment with the state of the church, and have begun a co-operative dialogue with each other about creating an expression of Christianity that is biblically orthodox, rooted in the pre-modern creeds of the early church, and yet conversant with a postmodern society.
I also find the definition of post-charismatic very useful and encouraging:
This phrase should not to be confused with being NON-charismatic, and certainly not as being ANTI-charismatic. The process of separating what is truly of the Holy Spirit and what is needless -- and often harmful -- baggage is the whole idea behind developing a post-charismatic understanding of how a supernatural God works supernaturally amongst and through the mystical gathering called the Body. In other words, post-charismatic, but not post-Spirit.
I am definately pro-Spirit and am activly seeking a new and relevant expression of my faith in this post-modern world.

When the dust settles...however...I would define myself as someone who loves God and loves his fellow man. If I was to die today... I'd like my gravestone to read "Loved All...Served All"

Thanks to Nuno for the heads-up.

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