Friday, March 03, 2006

think different...

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Went to Starbucks for my regular, weekly coffee and blether with my mate PaulyC.

We walked passed a familiar "big issue" seller and he gave his usual, cheeky coffee order: "I'll have a coffee with milk and sugar, pal"

Well, boy was he suprised when he got one! I am fasting from coffee/ fizzy juice just now for Lent - why? because it means something to me to give it up.

Instead of getting my usual (see pic)grande gingerbread latte with Fairtrade beans & skinny milk...I got a tall tea. I put the remaining money towards a tall Americano for the chap.

He was shocked... He kept saying "God bless" as I walked away. Hopefully my kindness will give him some warmth... physically and, maybe, emotionally.

Let's start a campaign - buy a bum a beverage - and let's start to think different.


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