Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tonight @ my church

Tonight at my church, we held a contemporary worship evening after the set evening meeting... Olly led her band through 5 songs:

* Come, now is the time to worship;
* Blessed be your name;
* Days of Elijah;
* When the music fades; &
* Beautiful one...

6 if you count the fact that they sang Days of Elijah two times (once at the beginning and the other at the end...) They were joined by Claire F who is a wonderful singer who is finding her own sound just now...and someone I have great hopes for in the future.

Alec, our "Captain" (ie minister) spoke on now being our time - using the vines and branches analogy... and I worked the slides (my iBook is now dual-screening thats to my mate Nuno!) - we used 5 short mpeg/ mov clips such as the 5 min puzzle countdown, the German coastguard, and a loop of a stone cross...

I believe it was well received and, although the full church couldn't/ wouldn't attend - those that did (approx 30/ 40 or so) had a great time.

Our focus is now on the 2nd April when we host the next event.

btw : Graphic taken from the website for the east 7th baptist church aka the graffiti church: Link

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad it worked out great :)


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