Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Veneer" by Jose Gonzales

I don't care that the José González song "Crosses" was featured on the season finale of The OC... for me it was the Bravia ad that really captured my attention. The use of "Heartbeats" was near-genius.

The always-kind-and-generous Soos gave me this album when I was over in Edinburgh last (you know... Haggis/ Sushi with Soosay/ Bothy...) and I have been blasted it ever since... well, blasting isn't really the appropriate term... Its been on and I have been digging it.

Why do I love it? because it is genuine and delicate and heartfelt... the antithesis of all the boybands, birds and bling of popular music. I mean, c'mon... CHICO is at number 1 this week! What time is it? er...the time the charts lost all credibility??? He makes steps look like the Beatles!!!

Anyway, Kings of Convenience once said the quiet is the new loud... well Jose not only agrees with them but adds that it is the new dance music too... He is on peacefrog - they must be given credit for out-of-the-box thinking for releasing veneer.

Check it out : Link - its a fab album!

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Brodie said...

hi - just thought as another scottish blogger I'd say hello.


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