Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2 camps... 2 blogs...

I'm not sure where to begin with the Summer School's blog... the coming-together of a group of kids to create content for a blog... a record of the 2008 experience. I am very impressed with the writing I have edited - real passion shines through.

I have podcasts and a load of photos to upload... and I am hoping to get a copy of the videos from the festivals to share too. The blog will grow over the coming days/weeks... so please add it to your rss reader and watch out for new content. I am also looking to collaborate further with the kids... so if any of you read the ol' nanolog and want to add your thoughts to the school blog then leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook.

Having a blog for Summer School is a fab record of the week... and works as a communication tool too. Check out the Maranatha Camp's blog that my cousin Boyd edits - its inspirational to see kids having a great time.

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J said...

Looks like half of the young people from my church were at the Maranatha camp. No wonder church was so quiet!



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