Monday, August 18, 2008

My 2001st Post

This is my 2001st post... Posted via my iPhone and the wifi on the National Express train - a relatively new way of posting content to a blog I have maintained since 2005.

A lot has changed... I have seen things come to fruition... and frustration! I have met a wonderful assortment of characters from throughout the world who have shared in many experiences... guided me... encouraged me... inspired me!

I have lost people along the way... through death or a parting in the road... and I will always miss them. Voices in the conversation have fallen silent or become intermittent... and I will miss them too.

My outlook and behaviours are changing... hopefully for the better... I hope this is something you can attest to?

So here's to the future..! I thank you all for your company on this journey... and look to what is in store for us all.

Can I ask that you leave a comment, please? Who you are and why you stop by this little pitstop on the information superhighway. What you like about the ol' nanolog and what I need to improve? Help me make this blog something special.



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Lurch Kimded said...

congrats on the milestone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas. I guess I'm one of the friends who met you through your blog. I love the variety of things I find on the Nanolog and even though we may never share musical taste I'm right there with your heart for God.

I guess the Nanolog has helped me discover a brother that I may never have met otherwise.

Improvements? None from me - just keep sharing your heart.

Stewart said...

Congrats on your odyssey! Your words challenge me and make me think. Your friendship inspires me. Thanks for sharing and blessings for the next 2001 posts!

Angus Mathie said...

Hi, Thomas, the old bloke here.

Well done and keep going, even through the negative reactions. Just keep doing what you are doing - it is of such a high quality that keeping it that way is challenge enough.

I find it a useful source of info and challenging thoughts and sources. Pity about your taste in music, though - where did that come from?

Johnny said...

Keep on keeping on, bro'



Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas,

I'm Kirsten, we've met 4 years ago.. When Treebeek went to Scotland. I'd follow your blog for quit a while now and love reading it. It keeps me thinking about faith, believe and love.

In my eyes you don't have to improve, Go on like this..

BF said...

this is a ministry Thomas. Keep going!

wcs53 said...

Hi, congrats on 2,001. I just enjoy your fresh perspective on many things. I've never met you, but you know a number of my Scottish friends and family members. The SA needs people like you who are willing to think about things in a way that many others are not able/willing to do. Keep on sharing and I'll keep on reading.



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