Monday, August 18, 2008

My 2001st Post

This is my 2001st post... Posted via my iPhone and the wifi on the National Express train - a relatively new way of posting content to a blog I have maintained since 2005.

A lot has changed... I have seen things come to fruition... and frustration! I have met a wonderful assortment of characters from throughout the world who have shared in many experiences... guided me... encouraged me... inspired me!

I have lost people along the way... through death or a parting in the road... and I will always miss them. Voices in the conversation have fallen silent or become intermittent... and I will miss them too.

My outlook and behaviours are changing... hopefully for the better... I hope this is something you can attest to?

So here's to the future..! I thank you all for your company on this journey... and look to what is in store for us all.

Can I ask that you leave a comment, please? Who you are and why you stop by this little pitstop on the information superhighway. What you like about the ol' nanolog and what I need to improve? Help me make this blog something special.



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