Thursday, August 14, 2008

Out and About this evening...

Looking up in the Social

Been a busy evening... feeling shattered but wanted to capture some thoughts on this evening.

After work, my colleagues in my Engineering Room went out for some drinks and a barbecue. We split into a number of teams and had clues to answer to find the pubs we were to have a drink in. 4 pubs then off to Club 29 for the barbie.

We made it to Bier Republic... the Lab...

The Lab

The institution that is the Auctioneers and then the uber trendy watering hole called the Social.

It was a great night... enjoyed some lovely non-alcoholic beverages... saw some nice places and spent time with some fab colleagues.

Unfortunately, however, I had to leave just after 7pm so I could head to Rutherglen...

Kenny Allan

... for Kenny & Sarah Allan's "farewell" from the West of Scotland Division (they are off to train to become SA Officers aka Ministers) and the "welcome" of our new Divisional Commanders.

I'm not a big fan of these kind of gatherings... reminds me too much about AMOS 5 and they tend to be too long for my liking... but Kenny & Sarah are dear friends... and Dayna was singing with her kiddies' choir... so I had to be there. All I can say is... I am glad for my iPhone as a means to keep me occupied while the service went on (see tweets for an idea of how occupied I was).

That said... I was inspired by Major Vic Kennedy's thought... the new DC spoke about our responsibility as ambassadors and agents of God's reconciliation in this world. He spoke directly on incarnational mission and about being relevant in our own communities, where God has placed us. I am encouraged by his words... and look forward to getting to know both him and his wife, Miriam, in the coming months/years.

It was good to see Janey and Roscoe there... and meet up with friends like Matt Bennett, Ian Imery, and Scott & Susan.

Today was a good day!

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