Friday, August 08, 2008

When we talk about the Google age...

...we do talk about a new society and the rules I explore in my book are the rules of that society, built on connections, links, transparency, openness, publicness, listening, trust, wisdom, generosity, efficiency, markets, niches, platforms, networks, speed, and abundance.
Jeff Jarvis - Buzzmachine

I found this article very inspiring this morning... and I was especially drawn to this paragraph. If these are the rules of the Google age then is the church equiped to play by these rules?

I think so... but it really does depend on our outlook. People who have embraced this post-modern, mass collaborative, create AND consume culture are well placed to be effective voices... bright lights in this age.

But then again... networking... openness... listening... trust... wisdom... generosity... these aren't new concepts. They are timeless... ageless... maybe its just that we have forgotten them or demoted them in our pursuit of whatever dream or ambition that we have held sacred?

Thanks to PSFK for the inspiration.


duncanmcf said...

I think it's hard for current church leaders to lead like this because they've been trained in a way to think staff, buildings, programmes, vision statements, control etc etc. They may well have a heart for what you set out, but I think it's maybe not so easy for them to see what that looks like in practise. I think we need new church leader training programmes to help them navigate this.

weareallghosts said...

I think there is hope... when we start thinking in Apostolic terms and unlearn all the "church growth" models of attract and extract theology.

My gut feeling was that these attributes can, in some way, reflect the fruit of the Spirit... and that anyone who is a Jesus-follower can work within this "Google age" to some extent or other.

Maybe I am just being hopeful..?


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