Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Went to see wall-e tonight with Olly and the bairns... met up with Janey, Roscoe & Nicola... with her two bairns: Euan & Andrew. Great night.

The film is amazing... so much emotion and metaphor brought to the screen in an intelligent manner. Pixar didn't patronise the viewer... explaining the story step-by-step... but let it unfold... with periods where there was a great deal of emotional expression and very little spoken.

What I liked about wall-e, as a character, is that everyone who came into contact with him changed in some way. He touched the lives of a number of characters... letting them see beyond their immediate setting... giving them purpose and introducing them to a new reality... one where hope is valued and action is possible.

I also loved the metaphor of Axiom as the perfect culture of distraction... it was almost Huxleyan in its emphasis on pleasure and infotainment as a means to control the citizens. Beautifully executed and deeply poignant. Something we need to be wary of today (I say this with a sense of irony as I type on Olly's iMac... immersed in today's culture of distraction).

Loved it. If you haven't seen it... go! It needs to be seen on the big screen.

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