Saturday, August 09, 2008

What I've been listening to...

What's on my iPhone???

I have a ton of tunes to blog about... and I love the fact you can take screenshots of your iPhone... so I thought, as a wee taster, I'd share some of the albums I have on my iPhone.

Two albums of note are Alas, I cannot swim by Laura Marling and the soundtrack to The Dark Knight...

I couldn't believe that Laura Marling was only 19 when I first heard her album. I picked it up for £2 in Borders recently (one of many I bought recently) - its been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and it was a shock to find it on sale.

Hers is a beautiful and poignant form of folk music... truly authentic... something special. First hand, not some ironic facsimile. Well worth checking out.

I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet... but I am loving soundtrack that was conceived in partnership between Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. It is deliciously dark and deeply atmospheric... creating a beautifully sinister yet hopeful ambience. I can't wait to contextualise the music with the film... but until then... I will enjoy this soundtrack in and of itself... its that good!

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Laura Whispering said...

Laura Marling, Sat 1st November, Glasgow Art School


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