Sunday, August 17, 2008

Farewell To Kenny And Sarah

Tonight was Bellshill's opportunity to say farewell to our dear friends Kenny & Sarah with their 2 kids... Robert (who is a peer of Dayna's) and Oliver who is not yet 1.

In the time I have been at Bellshill... I have found Kenny and Sarah to be one the most genuine, loving and spiritual couples I have ever had the pleasure to call friends.

Both Olly and I will miss them dearly... miss their warmth, compassion and friendship. Fir Park will never be the same without Kenny... and a Corps Ceilidh will be lacking without Sarah to dance with.

There is a gap in Bellshill and a gap in our lives... we journeyed together with a number of things and that connection is gone. Not severed, mind you, we will keep in touch... but at a time that we need physical relationships (and I realise its selfish to say this) its sad to see them go.

I have faith in the God who has called Kenny & Sarah to the job He needs them to do... and know He will see them alright. I will not refer to it as "full time ministry" because we are ALL "full time"... but I will honour their sacrifce and acknowledge their faith... stepping out... not knowing where the Lord will take them... and having to spend 2 years in London too... that's the scariest bit.

I know my people in London... especially the Lairds... the Luffs... and the Reeves... in Croydon will support them the best they can... and I am grateful to the Lord for such good friends. Such good friends deserve such good friends!

We will miss you Kenny & Sarah... be strong for His grace is more than sufficient.

Oh and c'mon the Well!!!

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Johnny said...

We'll look after them! :-)


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