Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 35th Year

I am 34 today!

Middle-youth is near... if it isn't here already. I commence my 35th year of blessing with an acknowledgement that I am the sum of many parts..

The influence and direction of the Lord... the sacrifice and example of His Son... and the refining fire of the Spirit.

The love and care of my wife and kids... they are my world! There love is the very air I breathe.

The good times with wider family: my parents, my adopted sister and all the aunts, uncles and cousins (blood and adopted) who have shaped me.

The influence of my friends... the people who I share coffee and ideas with... or those miles away whose reach makes me feel loved over blogging, Twitter or skype. Contribution and participation. Meaningful and reciprocal engagement. Belonging together!

The inspiration of artists, prophets, vagabonds, poets, heretics, sceptics, bloggers, designers and lovers... the people who encourage me with their music, written word, and visual expression.

I am the sum total of many influences... along with some original thought I am me... Thomas aka Headphonaught.

Welcome to my 35th year on Terra Firma.

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Lurch Kimded said...

happy birthday mate, hope you have a good one.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday - Enjoy!

julie said...

happy birthday my friend, 35 years young !! peace, julie

caldjr said...

Hi T. Glad to share being 34 with you if only for a wee while. It hasn't done me any harm I think! However, i leave it behind on Sunday to experience the next phase of my earthly adventure as a creaky 35er! Hope 34 is treating you well so far!!


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