Monday, August 25, 2008

((deep)) :: 23rd August, 08

I was gutted to hear that Garry B had pulled out due to a double booking... but was delighted when I heard that my boy, Jon Godfrey, had stepped up! He is a gifted speaker... a channel for God's word for now... and he spoke directly to everyone gathered on Saturday night. I hope to post the video later (when I can get my MacBook up and running) so I won't spoil it other than to say his theme was looking at our actions under the banner "what on earth are you doing???"

After some mash-ups from me... my good friends, Jen and Paul, led us in a time of Sonworship during which we had an interactive spell where the participants got together and reviewed good and bad stories from the news papers strategically placed on their tables. People got involved and interacted... which was great to witness... soundtracked by "Albertine" Brooke Fraser' fab 2nd album.

Jon then took to the floor... and as I said above challenged everyone there.

It was great to see some new faces... and some "people of peace" - real connectors - who will hopefully spread the word and bring more people next time.

Debrief is on Wednesday... so if you were there and have any comments... please leave a comment or drop me an email/tweet/Facebook msg.

My thanks to the team: Jen and Paul, Tony, Kieren, and Lucy for everything... and to Jon for stepping up/in at the last minute! You guys rock!!!

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