Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Hope x iPhone

Thanks to my boy Johnny Laird for the heads up on this... New Hope Christian Church in Oahu are doing some cool things to keep their people connected... via the iPhone.

Basically, the Pastor himself talks you through how to add their site as an icon on your iPhone and then walks through some of the features they have on offer.

I like this... its progressive and is relevant to their congregation. I have to say, though, that I wonder what their Pastor must feel like when he looks over at his flock and they are all on their iPhones. Hmm...

I do, however, worry about elitism when I consider the iPhone. I'm not say it is elitist, per se... but its £99 entry point plus a minimum of £30 per month for 18 months will stop people from buying it. Its the cult of Apple... and the cache numpties like me are prepared to pay for... but there are other phones out there capable of surfing the net... taking photos (better ones) and listening to music.

Where am I going with this? Its not about guilt anymore (a good friend helped me out with that) its more about REACH! We have some awesome news... grace isn't just the name of a girl... it is a thought that has and will change the world! and we need to make this as accessible as possible.

Tech is one way... and there are others... but New Hope have done something fab for the iPhone! There are some nice Biblereaders on the App Store for it too... but what about all the other phones out there??? Who is making this wonderful news accessible in formats suitable for them?

Well done New Hope!

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Angus Mathie said...

This is a very exciting development, Thomas, and shows a promising new avenue for service/ Bible teaching. Will be interested in how all this works.


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