Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grabbing Time With Robert

I had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with an old friend today... I've know Robert for 22 years... he lived across from my parents in Livingston and we grew up together. Ours is the kind of friendship where we just kind of pick up where we left off... regardless of the time in between conversations.

It was fab to talk about phones (his is a Nokia 6220) and GPS... and the possibilities GPS on phones will bring.

We also talked music - Robert is a fab synthy electronica muso... I have a couple of demo tracks that are wonderful!!! We talked independent direct distribution... and I can't wait for him to release some stuff.

It was a wonderful, very geeky hour and I am glad that he came through from Edinburgh to spend some time with me. Here's to the next time, bro!

Picture posted with LifeCast... commentary added later.

1 comment:

BF said...

I remember Robert! Jings - thinking back to the week I lived at Livi that must have been like 1988 or something?! me and my budget board ;-)


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