Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Love Lifecast

There are a number of go-to apps that I use on my iPhone... LifeCast is one of them... as you can see from the marked increase in posts on the ol' nanolog. I have found Lifecast to be something special.

Its premise is pretty simple... fire a photo or text from your iPhone to your blog. Nice and simple. I am starting to use it as a tool for posts... posting the inspiration in picture form for me to come back to and add words... or posting the words when I am on-the-go.

Works sweetly in a 3g or wifi environment. It does work with edge but takes a wee while.

How would I improve it? Well... I would keep the simple navigation... but allow a user to upload a photo AND text. Not sure why we can't but I have a feeling we will... at some point in the future.

I only have one niggle with the app... for some reason my one doesn't like ampersands ( "&" ) and if I have one in the title or the body text... it kind of goes slow. I know this because I remove them and it works. Strange... I know.

I you are a blogger and have an iPhone then I would heartily recommend LifeCast. Check it out!

Picture posted with LifeCast > text updated later.

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