Sunday, November 09, 2008

Five things... I have always wanted to do

My pal Louise asked me to share:
5 things which I have always wanted to do..?
so here goes...
  • I loved Manhattan when I visited there earlier in the year and would love to spend more time there... and venture out into other boroughs too. I would love Olly to share the experience with me. I have seen some of the sites... and would love to explore the lower east side... visit Moby's teashop "Teany"... walk in Central Park... and catch a Knicks game.
  • I have always wanted to be part of a new community of faith... and I hope that the first steps towards this dream have been taken. I hope and pray that it will be a success... not in numbers but in life changing effectiveness.
  • I would love to meet the diverse group of boho radicals, mavericks and disestablishmentarians known as the nanolog community. I have met with a number of the folks who contribute to this community... mostly folk from the UK... and would love to meet up with my other friends from the UK and beyond these shores.
  • I would love to visit the Bill Chill festival. I have never been to a festival and would love to spend the weekend at Eastnor Castle listening to some sweet soulful downtempo electronica and folk music.
  • I would love to own a Volkswagen Campervan and travel around the UK and parts of Europe with Olly and the we'ans. I would love to see more of London and tour the amazing places and spaces in Europe... Paris... Berlin... Geneva... and Rome.
These are my dreams... in addition to the 8 already on 43things.

What about you? Stewart, Laura, Johnny, JD and Rob.

Picture posted with LifeCast... thoughts posted later.


Louise said...

Thanks for replying Thomas. I have lovely memories of an post engagement NY visit with David.

darrin said...

> Holiday somewhere so remote and peaceful that the only thing you could hear is the howling of wolves

> I would like to live as part of a co-housing project

> I would like to take part or add to the great street art around my work building

> Move from suburbia to the inner city

> Be able to skate well enough (ie not look like Bambi on ice) to take part in the Friday Night Skate in London


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